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Bio Diesel Retail Outlets

BIO DIESEL RETAIL OUTLET The setting up of Bio Diesel retail outlets are possible now with low investment. Ideal for  rural markets, power deficit locations, transport hubs, Industrial parks, tourist and hospitality  locations.   


Some Of Our Esteemed Clients

Company Profile

  Petroleum Bazaar.com (India) Pvt. Ltd. is an exclusive service provider to the petroleum products user industries. Petroleum Bazaar is in   existence now over 8 years. Presently our client’s list includes major oil companies, Industries, Traders, Importers, Exporters, Financial institutions, Analysts and large number of professionals. A select list of our clients is enclosed.

A brief detail of some of our Services, Products and Publications offered to the clients are given below


Petroleum Bazaar arranges direct marketing of petroleum products for clients. We have exhaustive database of industries in India. We offer product and services to these industries. Petroleum Bazaar is direct reseller of select major oil companies in India.


Petroleum Bazaar provides assistance in sourcing of product, arranging import, arranging storage at all major ports, Supervision during loading / unloading, and further marketing of the products through our franchisee, business associates and traders

We have established good contacts and details of all major / medium size tankage companies, bottling plants, blending plants and traders. This can be of immense use to our client to quickly start and tie up logistics on all India basis. We also have a database of interested parties, who are willing to put up tankage, retail outlets and other infrastructures for petroleum companies, if a viable proposition is offered


The “Petroleum Next” is a fully owned initiative of the company. The activities on the Bio Diesel exchange are auction, physical buy and sell of Bio diesel products and logistics. We have helped companies market their products to different user industries in bulk quantity. We also provide consultation on plantation, import and export of seed and oil etc

The company markets Bio Diesel in many states of India and is currently meeting requirement of large number of industries, transport and traders


PetroMag is the most popular and widely read e-zine on petroleum sector. PetroMag covers major and important National / International news and events, Movement of Crude oil and Petroleum product, futures / prices, Petroleum bulk and LPG tanker position and details of the cargo at all major Indian ports, PSU Product prices at 4 metros and major cities, Product prices offered by importers at various ports, Share price movement of all the major and important oil companies in India, tenders, oil company sales and monthly performance etc.

PetroMag is sent to all the subscribers by e-mail, on all working days in the morning (9.30 AM Indian Time). This is a paid e-zine. The magazine has a readership base of over 80,000


“Petroleum Bazaar” is a monthly magazine in print media. This was started mainly due to two reasons. Firstly in India, there is no regular magazine in print media on this sector and secondly for those readers who do not have access to e-mail / Internet or want to read in leisure or while traveling. In India “Petroleum Bazaar” is the only magazine of its kind in petroleum industry published now over 8 years in print media


The deregulation of the sector has necessitated creation of an all India data collection, assimilation and analysis mechanism. We conduct extensive market survey and collect data on oil sector. The data primarily include Production of refineries / Fractionators, Sales of petroleum products by different oil companies, imports and exports from India by different govt. and private companies / traders, the details of the retail outlets, Infrastructure details like tankage at different terminals / port locations, LPG bottling plants, Lube blending plants, customer details for different products etc.

DataMag is a monthly update on petroleum sector performance published and send in hard copy / soft copies to the subscribers. Of late we have completed a market survey of over 17500 petrol pumps in India. This database is unique and oil companies seek the same data from us.


Petroleumbazaar.com provides an excellent trading platform for the industries to offer products for purchase / sales. Petroleum Bazaar is a very specialized portal for the industries that are using petroleum products. Hence, the viewers in this market place are very focused and with common interest. Petroleum Bazaar - Super Store provides opportunity to position product and services in one of the specialized categories. The products offered by our clients are viewed right across the globe. The viewer ship of the Super Store on any day has been more than 12000 hits. This is an ideal B2B transaction set up. We have tie-up with different service providers on accepting Credit cards and on-line fund transfer.


We work as a Fuel Manager for the companies, who use, trade, store or deal in petroleum products. We have established excellent working relationship with the major PSU / Private oil companies, many importers, tanking companies and traders of petroleum products throughout the country.

We provide complete service of sourcing, transporting, storing and delivery of product on behalf of our client. We are able to get better prices from oil companies / importers / traders due to our large quantity of product requirement on behalf of our many customers.

Depending upon the requirement we suggest our client on alternate fuels available in the market, optimum prices, conduct energy audits, total lubricants management, fuel consumption optimization etc.


We conduct petroleum audit for the industries use, store and distribute. Petroleum products used in any plant / establishment is usually one of the most expensive products. The savings are possible with use of correct fuel, burners, product handling system and most important stopping the waste, excess use of fuel, theft, pilferage and mismanagement. Needless to mention proper and professional training of personnel in handling of product can have substantial saving for the company


The viability of business depends largely on logistics optimizations. We use modern techniques to conduct Logistics optimization and provide you most optimal solution to meet the demand of the market.

Present business conditions need optimal utilization of resources, adequate safety precautions, proper and scientific use of modern techniques. We work with our clients in sourcing, creating market and tie-up with customers.


The setting up of petrol Pump (Gas stations) is highly specialized job. We conduct total feasibility study for setting up of retail outlets which include, market study, traffic count, demand projection, pricing of the market etc. We also advise on the viability of setting up of new outlets or closing down existing outlets depending upon the logistics and other marketing costs.

Recently we have concluded our market survey and compiled data of over 18000 retail outlets spread over all India. We also have access to marketing plans of PSU oil companies and draft plans of private oil companies. These databases can be of immense value to any oil company or business company who intends to enter this market.



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