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Bio Diesel Retail Outlets

BIO DIESEL RETAIL OUTLET The setting up of Bio Diesel retail outlets are possible now with low investment. Ideal for  rural markets, power deficit locations, transport hubs, Industrial parks, tourist and hospitality  locations.   


  Services Offered  

1- We are carrying out jatropha plantation under contract Farming concept .We provide    quality planting materials, Technical support regarding plantation and good yield,    Buy-back agreement for harvested seeds and site management of the field 

2- Provide technical support for raising jatropha nursery .

3-Consultancy in selection of technology and taking over total engineering, design,    construction and operation of plants of various capacites ranging from 10 tons per    day to 700 tons per day.

4-Marketing assistance of bio diesel and other related products in all India basis.

5-Importing and exporting bio diesel, jatropha seeds and jatropha oil to different             countries.

6-Organising e-auction of any quantity helping buyers and sellers to get best price and    assured availability.

7-Lab and testing facilities

6-Organising events, seminars and other events for bio diesel promotion 


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